Bellmore Masjid is a nonprofit, non-political, religious organization located in Bellmore, New York. It is not affiliated or subordinate to any organization either inside or outside the U.S.

Executive Committee:

  • President: Syed Fahad      Qamer
  • Vice-President: Azar       Aslam
  • General Secretary:      Asim Mateen Khan
  • Joint Secretary:      Amir Zafar
  • Treasurer: Shakeel      Nuaman
  • Youth Coordinator: Abdullah Choudhry

Board Members:

  • Chairman: Javed A.       Ratcher
  • Vice Chairman: Syed      Ziaul Haque
  • Aslam M. Baig
  • Anis R. Siddiqui
  • Syed Fahad Qamer
  • Azar Aslam
  • Amir Zafar


  • Javed Ratcher
  • Najmul Huda
  • Qamar Khan
  • Syed Z. Haque
  • Shakeel R. Noman
  • Malik Khan