Join Daily Bayan by Moulana Imtiaz ur Rehman Sunday through Friday.

Daily Bayans

Fajr Bayans: Moulana Imtiaz ur Rehman recites a couple of ahadeeth after fajr salah Sunday through Friday. He then provides short explanation of the ahadeeth.

Isha Bayans: Masjid offers regular bayans for musallees to gain benefits to learn something almost every time they come to the masjid. Open to all brothers and sisters and youth.

Moulana Imtiaz ur Rehman gives English bayans Sunday through Friday after Isha salah. He is currently going over the book by Moulana Ibrar ul Haque called One Minute Madrassah.

Sunday Zuhr Bayan: Moulana Imtiaz ur Rehman gives English bayans on various topics after Zuhr salah every Sunday.